Here's Why You Should Vote 1 Ron Nelson

My promise is to deliver a safer, prosperous Geelong that is open for business and opportunities, but will always consider your way of living first – our community, our amenity and our neighbourhood.

I commit to delivering Council’s core responsibilities, including:

Cost of Living — COVID-19

Navigating Geelong out of COVID-19 restrictions through careful economic management, low rates, incentives and hardship policies for ratepayers and small business owners.

Roads, Potholes & Footpaths

Local road and footpath infrastructure is essential. We must fix our roads quickly and build more footpaths now!

Hard Rubbish Collection & Tip Vouchers

As Chair of Waste, I have delivered two free hard rubbish collections and am now fighting to bring back tip vouchers.

Saving Our Libraries

I led the fight to save our libraries, and as Chair of the Library Board I have delivered on my promise. Council planning has also begun for a new Armstrong Creek library!


Council is committed to reducing its carbon footprint to zero emissions. Initiatives include new smart lighting, planting one million trees, using recycled materials in our roads, and reintroducing the container deposit scheme, and more!

School Crossings and Supervisors

I listened to the need for more school crossings and supervisors and delivered this vital resource for our growing region and the safety of our children.

Sport & Recreation Facilities

I led our policy of lower fees to council facilities to increase community participation, ease the burden on clubs and families, and deliver a healthier Geelong.

Graffiti & Dumping

I recently doubled the budget to clean up graffiti and campaigned heavily against illegal dumping.

Planning & Development

We need efficient, streamlined and sensitive Council planning processes that involve you. Community consultation is so important to retain neighbourhood character.


I support free parking in the CBD and neighbouring suburbs to assist small business and shoppers, and reinvigorate Geelong’s local economy post COVID-19.

I pledge to work tirelessly for you and for our community to ensure our essential needs are met. We need a Council that sticks to its core responsibilities and priorities.

Our City, Our Vision, Our Candidate: Vote 1 Ron Nelson